Istanbul Hatirasi – Memories of Istanbul

An old painting is hanging on the wall.
Perhaps it’s complete, perhaps it’s not.
She’s sitting in “Markiz”, looking at it in silence,
With the dust of time upon her eyes.

Such love, such grief.
With this song, my soul breaks into a thousand pieces.
Her cheeks resemble withered roses.
Such gentle sorrow, such a charming moment.

Like a verse from her mouth that was never heard.
Such innocent love.

A day in autumn,
Painted with the most different brushes.
Such a day she would love to experience one more time,
To see the brown of the leaves from her dreams.

The Memories of Istanbul,
Eternalised deep within her, in golden letters.

Istanbul Hatirasi is a song from the 80s by the Turkish singer and songwriter Sezen Aksu, with a new, beautiful performance for the documentary film Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul (2005).

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